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5 Sustainable and Fashion-Forward Digital Marketplaces to Shop Leap Concept

Being a fashion lover today is a lot different from the old days. Once, big billboards and magazines, available for brands with big marketing budgets, were the only channel for us to keep in touch with the ever-changing fashion, now the internet has democratized the fashion landscape, bringing smaller brands to the forefront of our attention. Once, celebrities were the icon of style, we tried our best to emulate their outfits, creating waves of similar fashion among our community, now we celebrate a vast array of local independent brands that helps us reflect our very own personality. Once, we put our eyes on the most glamorous and opulent fashion that put the spotlight on us, now the spotlight is on our planet, as we support brands that embrace sustainability.

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The shift of fashion tiles has witnessed birth of several impactful online fashion marketplaces who prioritizing sustainability and supporting local brands. Among these are 5 standout ones that we are proud to partner with, let’s start our virtual tour and explore these sustainable havens and unique garments they offer for conscious fashion lovers like us !


Seezona – Sweden

Launched in 2018 by a fashion visionary, Anna-Carina Helander, Seezona has collaborated with more than 150 brands designed by and for women. With her Swedish background, she brings a wide collection of style from all around the globe that also subtlety exude the Nordic ambiance from her roots.

From the feather-trimmed pajamas offered by Ukrainian brand Sleeper, the stylish footwear from Giaborghini that combines Italian craftsmanship and contemporary fashion, to the luxurious, vintage-inspired outerwear presented by Marei 1998 crafted from opulent materials like faux fur and silk, Seezona is the perfect place if you are on a lookout on any upcoming designers that will give you a pleasant surprise with their eye-catching design.

Leap Concept is honored to partner with Seezona, featuring a Nordic collaboration that not only allows Leapers to dive into the deep array of garments to pair with our versatile capsules, but we also want to be a part of Seezona’s journey in reducing CO2 emissions through their direct shipping approach, promising a speedy delivery to you while bringing down our burden to the environment.


Ivalo – Finland

Continuing our Nordic footprint, Ivalo offers products that blend timeliness, urbanity and individuality. Over 130 brands have been vetted by Ivalo’s own sustainability standard, Ivalo.com 360 Sustainability Validation, complying to stringent criteria relating to labor working conditions, usage of sustainable materials and design for circularity, etc.

Leap Concept not only is a very worthy addition to the platform’s product portfolio, it also highlights our dedication to sustainable fashion. Designed with the “Duo Moment,” our collections blend the serene Nordic ambiance with the vibrant Mediterranean passion, setting us apart in the fashion landscape. Leap Concept is proud to join Ivalo’s movement towards sustainability, with every capsule and design keeping environmental responsibility at the forefront. By undergoing Ivalo’s rigorous validation process, we aim to exemplify our commitment to sustainability, proving to the world that we are serious about making a positive impact on the planet.

This collaboration underscores our shared values and ambition to foster a fashion industry that prioritizes ethical practices and environmental stewardship. Through this partnership, Leap Concept and Ivalo.com are not just offering exquisite fashion but also collaborating on a movement towards a more sustainable future.



Photos: staiy.com

NotJustALabel – USA

Perhaps the biggest community of emerging designers, NotJustALabel (NJAL) showcases work from over 50,000 designers from 150 countries. Behind the massive base of NJAL platform is its founder Stefan Siegel’s passion to democratize the fashion industry, by providing a platform for smaller designers to gain attention from the wider fashion community and bringing more unique choices for consumers.

Sustainability has become an overused buzzword in the fashion community, but NJAL is concretely entrancing this trend by implementing several supply-side initiatives to bring down the carbon footprint in using its platform. One of which being the flexibility of allowing designers to offer made-to-order pieces, where brands can accurately estimate demand before placing the order, while ensuring that the garments can tailor fit the end-consumer. NJAL also facilitates a direct connection between designers and end-consumers, enabling designers to receive their recognition and fair compensation for their work and consumers to support the creative source directly.

We are also extremely supportive in NJAL’s commitment of giving our fellow fashion lovers more options to choose from. After all, big brands were once small brands, and money should not be a barrier for the world to appreciate local designers’ talent.

Generousape – UK

Speaking of supporting sustainability, the UK-based Generousape is both a strong believer and action taker in protecting our planet Earth. Within drilling in too deep into Generousape’s website, you can experience the founder Hugo Emson’s commitment to sustainability. From their Sustainable Journal and robust sustainability policy, to the brands that Hugo handpicked to sell on the platform, you can experience the new ethical way of living and shopping through the concept of conscious retail, not to mention Generousape will donate 10% of annual profit for charitable cause.

What we found astonishing is how similar Leap Concept’s and Generousape’s path to sustainability can be – both of us are inspired by the unwavering beauty of nature through travel and exploration, and choose to protect it through fashion, an industry labeled by some as the second largest contributor of global warming. The road to achieve circular fashion and conscious retail is not easy, but these collaboration between sustainability platform and fashion brands is perhaps a small but certainly a right step moving forward.

Lone Design Club – UK

Moving on to the final online marketplace we are going to cover in this blog, Lone Design Club might be the most interesting one here. Most often online marketplaces stay online, but Lone Design Club offers sustainable brands an opportunity to offer omni-channel experiences to its supporters, and a chance to personally connect with the brand owner.

Staying to its roots, Lone Design Club kept their physical store for their partner brands to rent and host pop-up stores. If you have been following our blog, you know we are a huge fan in having a physical outlet that ensembles what our brand stands for, and the fact that Lone Design Club regularly hosts small community events for the local brands to showcase their latest work really ignites our decision to list on Lone Design Club. Although we are not located in the UK, we are very excited to know we are collaborating with a platform not only emphasize sustainability, but they also care a ton about their customers by bringing them the most authentic experience that an individual brand can offer.

Here are a few additional digital fashion marketplaces with unique concepts that we’ve either collaborated with in the past or are considering for future partnerships.


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The stores that we selected stands for our commitment and value, do you know any stores that suit Leap Concept? Email us at contact@leapconceptstore.com.

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