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7 unique concept stores around the world that joined the Cult of Knitting! (Part I)


What does “Leap Concept” represent? A fashion brand without an identity will be like a person lacking his or her own characteristic. To our team, starting Leap Concept embodies our pursuit of individuality, artistic expression, love of travel, and personal care. That’s why we are carefully selecting concept stores around the world that align with our brand’s core value, so that you as a believer can also experience the joy of taking a “Leap of Faith” when shopping our products around the world. Buckle up and embrace yourself for a spectacular ride around the world as we proudly introduce 7 unique concept stores that sell Leap Concept products.



Toronto, Canada


Photos: Clementine’s Luxury

Located in the Rosedale neighborhood that is known as a Canadian fashion district, Clementine’s Luxury is operated by a mother-daughter duo, Christina McDowell and Kelly McDowell, that has a profound taste to fashion and style. The collections carried by this store are selected by the McDowells – only when the products meet their stringent standard of quality will they put them on Clementine’s hanger.

The store features renowned luxury brands like Joseph, Helmut Lang, Uma Wang, and Filippa K, alongside handpicked emerging brands curated by a discerning team of professionals.

When you enter the store, you will be greeted by a giant Baroque style standing mirror that allows you to mix and match with the delicate collections carried by the Clementine’s. The classic black and gold ambiance seemingly slow down time, encouraging you to spend countless hour diving into the rich assortment that the store provides. Combined with the personalized and high-end customer service, you can feel their passion for luxury fashion – they want you to get the best product that fit your taste and lifestyle, exactly like how we at Leap Concept strives for.



Madrid, Spain

Photos: Marmott

Our team personally visited this concept store during their seasonal editorial shooting in Madrid, and were amazed by the store’s natural aesthetic, how it perfectly exudes the concept of simplicity. We had the pleasure to talk to Marta, the store owner:

“Leap Concept is a unique brand that speaks for the wearer’s personality. The interesting combination of Nordic ambiance and Mediterranean style expresses a relaxing feeling that adds to the joy of living in the moment. It perfectly matches what Marmott wants their customer to feel when they step into the store.”

Celebrating their 15-year mark, Marta and her team have been frequently traveling around the world and bringing back quality pieces to enrich their collection, and we are grateful to be one of their best-selling brands.

The store showcases the talents of local designers like JoSephine, alongside internationally acclaimed brands such as SKALL and Ulla Johnson, all sharing a cohesive aesthetic vision.



New York, United States

Photos: Croteaux Vineyards

Imagine yourself sipping freshly made rosés while sitting on a wooden bench on a sunny day, a relaxing tour to the historical farm makes you appreciate the fruits from our mother nature. Our special collaboration with Croteaux Vineyards perfectly complements the Leap Concept lifestyle, a laid-back casual adventure to the woods for self-care.

The 2 nostalgic farms built in the 1700s take us back to the old days where nature was cherished, and traditions were honored. Amid the bustling life of a city dweller, you will treasure the peace brought by this vibrant environment.  As you walk around the Howell Farm and Stepnoski Farm, you will appreciate the personality and the legacy embodied by the long-standing farms and the people behind it that produce tasty wine; When you paired Leap Concept’s capsule with this land of enchantment, you will be amazed by how happy we could be with these little city nature breaks.



Florida, United States

Photos: Cabana

Moving south of the US, there is Cabana siting at the side of a beautiful beach in Montego Bay. The beige aesthetic of the storefront, the earthy tone of the collection carried, and the emphasis to sustainability cultivate a legitimate bonding between Leap Concept and Cabana.

Living a life in casual elegance made from fabrics and material from Mother Nature herself. – Cabana

Being more than a boutique, Cabana brings anyone who walk pass their entrance back to the nature through its wide assortment of products across multiple categories such as plants & flowers, home décor, and accessories. Both Leap Concept and Cabana are trying to tell a story that praise the beauty of simplicity and sustainability, signifying a meaningful collaboration to emotionally connect with people, and make Earth feel better in the long run.



Amiens, France

Photos: Anthropocene

France is known for its appreciation to fashion, and located in heart of Amiens is Anthropocene. Anthropocene can be regarded as an “Organic Oasis” that provide a balanced assortment of products that you will love! Ranging from furniture, cutleries, candles and clothes, it’s like you went to into a cozy home for a treasure hunt when you step into Anthropocene. We love the welcoming atmosphere, the sense of warmth, comfort, and natural beauty subtly expressed by the store, so we collaborated to place Leap Concept’s latest SS24 Summer Serenity capsules, so that you as our supporters can experience the gentle touch of summer when you wander around in Anthropocene.



Ratingen, Germany

Photos: Greetings Concept

Near the borders of Germany and Netherlands sits Greetings Concept, a clothing concept store appreciates Leap Concept’s “Dual Moments” that cohesively blends the contrasting style from the Nordic and Mediterranean. Perhaps the proximity to the borders adds to its prominence to “bring you the most beautiful brands in the world home”.

The interior design of Greetings Concept is comparable to an art installation, adding a sense of sophistication to every shopper who goes in for a pleasant adventure. The well- thought-out placement of plantation, clothes hangers, and art pieces leave you room for imagination when peeping from the store window. The contemporary aesthetics inside Greetings Concept is what perfectly complement with Leap Concept’s product, creating an unforgettable shopping experience – you will also be greeted by the owner’s lovely dog, give a treat before you go!



Heilbronn, Germany

Photos: Rey

Finally, we have Rey, a newly emerged concept store that always put a personal touch for their customers. Despite being open for less than a year, Rey frequently hosts in-store fashion shows and other activities to engage customers and allow them to interact with the owner and team.

The contemporary store design makes it appealing for modern shoppers to comfortably spend an hour or two inside, thanks to its spacious and inviting interior that avoids overcrowding. The placement of fitting rooms and chairs is thoughtfully designed to complement a visitor’s journey—from product selection to trying on items, seeking final recommendations from staj, and checking out. This level of customer service exemplifies Leap Concept’s commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our partnership with Rey reflects this dedication to customer-centric values.

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Leap Concept stands for sophisticated knitwear design, sustainability and innovation. We have garnered a loyal emphasis on elevated lifestyle essentials with intention to build a wardrobe instead of renewing it. Each collection is defined by a minimalist assortment, building blocks imbued with an artfully elegant point of difference and texturally rich approach.

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