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7 unique concept stores around the world that joined the Cult of Knitting! (Part II)

We can all agree that a smile and a warm greeting when we enter a physical store is what we are missing during those lockdown days – that sense of human touch transcends the cold buy & sell process, allowing us to exchange views with fellow fashionistas that change how we feel about a piece of garment. That’s why Leap Concept, even as a small brand, put in so much effort to let our “Leapers’ experiences that human touch through collaborating with carefully selected concept stores. Let’s go on another journey today to discover 7 other stores that joined the “Cult of Knitting”!



Photos: Vesibule

Walking down the streets of through St. Peterstrasse on a yawning morning, you stumbled upon a cozy concept store as the soft glow of sunlight slips through Vestibule’s glass entrance. The collection that Vestibule carries are mainly centered around the classic color palette trio of blue, grey and white, conveying a sense of serenity and sophistication. The spacious shop layout gives each garment its own territory to showcase its specialty, and the minimalistic interior design allows shopper to freely explore without bumping into clothing racks. Laurence Antiglio, the passionate store owner and her team are experienced in blending luxury garments with everyday essentials. Other than Leap Concept, Vestibule carries a wide range of selection, from well-known brands like Golden Goose and MM6, to knitwear labels such as Guest in Residence and Extreme Cashmere.



Photos: Regina Experimental Biarritz

Near the stunning seashore of Biarritz rests Regina Experimental Biarritz, a dreamy boutique hotel founded with the intention to present a contemporary hospitality experience to customers coming from all around the world. We came across Regina Experimental Biarritz when we were taking a break from our then latest capsule design. The enticing contrast of the blue pool water and the creamy white architecture, coupled with the cool sea breeze brings us back to the old memories of being a kid freely sprinting along the shoreline with our family. It’s this relaxing vibe that encouraged us to boldly collaborate with a hotel’s gift store to carry Leap Concept’s products, so that you as a Leaper can experience the same level of leisure and pleasure cultivated by the duo of a contemporary resort and Leap Concept.


Vienna, Austria


Vienna is known for being a city of classical music, but harbored at the corner of this magical city is Super, a unique concept store that offers a wide assortment of products and brands. The warm, home-like ambiance of the store’s interior with the sprinkle of unique

decorations around each corner, offers a mystic vibe that invite visitors to explore further. What makes Super stands out from other concept store is that it allows shoppers to arrange personal shopping session with snacks and beverage included, but without obligation to buy! Super simply wants you to shop happily and select the styles that resonate with you, free from distractions. This personalized approach is what drew us to collaborate with Super, allowing Leapers to spend a leisurely afternoon trying out Leap Concept and enjoying quality time with family and friends.



Ever wonder how it felt like to be shopping in a store opened by a fashion fanatic? You can always learn a thing or two about fashion when shopping in About Alexa – the owner is constantly sharing her thoughts on the upcoming fashion trends and style. It’s like shopping with a long-lost friend – About Alexa never urge you to buy anything you don’t like, they just want you to walk out the store with style.

Set in the heart of Dortmund, About Alexa has only been opened for less than a year, but it contains one of the most unique range of products that one can ask for. With the contemporary interior design and fashion show-like lighting, you can definitely feel the owner’s passion towards fashion. Leap Concept is honored to partner with About Alexa because we can be rest assured that when Leapers enter the store, they will be greeted with a woman hat truly loves fashion.



Photos: Asher+Rye

The Scandinavian style is often praised as a subtle luxury. Instead of the ostentatious nature of traditional luxury that is linked with grand and elegant music, the Scandinavian style exudes a level of simplicity that can only be represented by relaxing music like indie and R&B music. Asher + Rye certainly thinks so – when our team first step into the store, we are amazed by the perfect harmony orchestrated by the smell of lavender candle, the soft & relaxing music and soothing ambiance.

Drawing inspiration from Nordic aesthetics, Asher + Rye curated a collection dedicated to the space to spend more time together as a family, oBering a range of home products like bedding and lighting, as well as items for pets and kids. When customers try on Leap Concept’s products in this serene setting, it feels like they’re transported to another realm of relaxation, where the ambiance transcends traditional stores and put a genuine smile on your face. When you visit the US, experience the Nordic aesthetic while trying on our latest capsule in Asher & Rye!


Oviedo, Spain

Photos:Marais Oviedo

Going back to our Spanish roots, Marais Oviedo is a sanctuary that blur the boundaries of our dream and reality. The store’s layout is deliberately casual, with hangers and garments arranged in an organic manner, inviting visitors to browse freely and discover pieces that resonate with them. Potted plants and eclectic decorative pieces, possibly collected during the owner’s global travels, serve as unique embellishments throughout the space.

Together with Marais Oviedo, we strongly believe that one’s outfit should not be a replica of the latest trend, but a mirror reflection of a true self. No matter you opt for a crochet-knit beach cover-up over a vibrant swimsuit, paired with denim cutoffs and beaded sandals, or combine a textured knit cardigan with tailored shorts and canvas sneakers, accessorized with a woven tote bag and colorful sunglasses for an artsy summer vibe, only you can be the 100% “you”! Go explore this unique space in your next Spain trip!


León, Spain

Speaking of dressing up to be yourself, you have to be courageous to try out different outfits before doubling down on a style that truly reveals your personality. If you are still searching for your personal favourite, I might have the perfect location for you.

Located just a few blocks away from Museo de León, Georgette León stores a broad range of womenswear with different textures, color and fabric for all occasions. The owner Teresa Menéndez Flórez often shares her daily outfit with her 12,000 Instagram followers, and her shop is packed with hidden gems. From the everyday basics of a light grey puB jacket, to full-body flannels and Bohemian style bracelets, you can and will get lost in this fashion jungle, but ends up with the ultimate treasure: discovery of your perfect ensemble!

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The stores that we selected stands for our commitment and value, do you know any stores that suit Leap Concept? Email us at contact@leapconceptstore.com.

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