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    Leap Concept

    Leap Concept Collection 00 on Fashionclash Festival


    At the end of the turbulent year 2021, Leap Concept presented the first collection for season FW22, during the Fashionclash Festival in Maastricht, The Netherlands.


    FASHIONCLASH is an interdisciplinary showcase and development platform for fashion & fashion culture and a worldwide network of emerging fashion makers.

    It is a place where creative minds from different backgrounds get a chance to express their creativity without borders and constraints. It is an arena where controversial clashes the conventional and disrupts the public senses.


    Photo by Laura Knipsael


    Leap Concept presented clean and timeless shapes, natural and sustainable materials, styled in a contemporary mood aligning the melancholically staged atmosphere.

    Leap Concept brought the smell of the morning sea waves and the footstep sound in the sandy beaches from the beautiful coast of Valencia.

    The models were walking on the calming music, telling us to slow down, think, take a leap of faith and make a change.

    We all, must make conscious decisions now and act to protect what has left from our planet.


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    Leap Concept stands for sophisticated knitwear design, sustainability and innovation. We have garnered a loyal emphasis on elevated lifestyle essentials with intention to build a wardrobe instead of renewing it. Each collection is defined by a minimalist assortment, building blocks imbued with an artfully elegant point of difference and texturally rich approach.

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