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Take Resort Vibes to your next summer getaway

Summer is upon us – calmly but aimlessly wander around an artistic sanctuary. The gentle golden beam from the horizon layers with your outfit, orchestrating a perfect symphony. Eh, look up to the sky and enjoy the warm hug filled in the air.

Continuing our journey, we arrive at Resort Vibes, the fourth capsule from our SS24 Summer Serenity collection. We have come a long way, and an escape from the city, from our duties and from our emotions is definitely a long-awaited treat. Resort Vibes is your dependable companion for your travel.

Experience the joy of a getaway

Indulge in the lightweight materials that complement you no matter you are going for an extravagant visit to the vineyard or sipping a delightful Affogato at the local coffee shop. The intricate tie-dye technique introduces a unique pattern and taste to your memorable adventure. Embrace the slow walk along the boulevard with an oversized silhouettes – never compromise style for comfort. Resort Vibes frees you from the hassle to constantly select a statement piece that express your personality with a versatile masterpiece, an iconic piece of art that you mix and match your wardrobe with ease.

The magic of tie-dye

Experience in the artistry of tie-dye, a technique that infuses each garment with a one-of-a- kind pattern, elevating your style while expressing your individuality. The vibrant tie-dye hues add a playful touch to your wardrobe, ensuring that each piece tells its own story, mirroring your personality and adventurous spirit.

Experience the essence of summer with Resort Vibes, featuring five distinct pieces that effortlessly transition from beach to city, offering versatile style for your next summer getaway.

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Leap Concept stands for sophisticated knitwear design, sustainability and innovation. We have garnered a loyal emphasis on elevated lifestyle essentials with intention to build a wardrobe instead of renewing it. Each collection is defined by a minimalist assortment, building blocks imbued with an artfully elegant point of difference and texturally rich approach.

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