How to take care of your cashmere sweater?

One of the best decisions that you can make for yourself and your household is to start properly taking care of things. Regardless, if we are talking about a piece of wooden furniture, which needs a special kind of care or your favorite cashmere sweater, you need to treat these items with appropriate and unique care. In this way, you are consciously saving the environment from the rapid consumer’s nightmare and you are also making a smart and economical decision to save yourself some money.

“Always focus on quality instead of quantity, better to buy a more expensive item with sustainable characteristics, invest your time in good care and you will have a good-looking cashmere sweater for a very long time.”

We know it may seem daunting, to spend a little fortune on a beautiful piece of garment, and not know how to take care of it afterward. Do not worry, we have all you need to know right here:

          The washing process: You can wash your knitwear sweaters in the washing machine if that is what you wonder, but first you need to check the instructions which are on the sweater’s label. Be sure to set your washing machine on a gentle or delicate cycle at 30 degrees. Also, the best choice for washing detergent will be a shampoo that is specially designed for washing cashmere, mild soup with lower PH, or even baby shampoo.
The other more safe and smart alternative will be to wash your sweaters by hand. Use cool water and towards the end of the cleaning process switch to cold water. Do not wring the sweater, just gently squeeze the water and roll it up in a towel to get the rest of the water out.

          The drying process: We would vote not to dry all of your knitwear in the dryer, especially your cashmere ones. Every fabric is a different story and the heat will have a different effect on it. But to be on the safe side, better lay the sweater flat on a drying rack and let it dry naturally. In this way, your favorite cardigan will not shrink or lose its original shape.

          The process of cashmere bobbling, snags, and different types of dirt: We know, how this sounds like you have a pet and you need to pet him, clean him, and brush him regularly. Well, your cashmere sweater deserves the same kind of love.
You cannot escape the bobbling process, which usually occurs when you wear your sweater for some time. The best thing you can do is to shave your cardigan with a razor or use a clothes shaver. Do regular checkups on your sweaters and as soon as you spot one of these tiny balls of fabric, shave them immediately, so you will stop them from spreading.
Snags are also another type of annoying little stitches that come out of your knitwear. You can resolve this problem pretty easily by putting them inside the sweater; you can use a safety pin to do the trick.
Another thing that is completely unavoidable, is different types of dirt: human hair, your pets’ hair, dandruff, etc. You can use a toothbrush or you can buy those super soft brushes for babies and gently brush your cashmere sweaters regularly.

          The process of how to properly store your knitwear: Depending on the fabric, some knitwear needs to take its beauty rest and be put away for the next cold season. If you own a cashmere garment, you are in luck, because it is wearable in every season due to its lightweight.
On the other hand, before storing the knitwear, you must clean it first. Then after the cleaning process, fold the sweaters, do not hang them on hangers, because they will lose their original form, and store them in breathable bags. To protect your garment from moths or other insects, apply products from nature. You can use lavender, dried orange, and peel cider. Place them between the sweaters, wrapped in handkerchiefs.

          A bonus tip: Make a weekly plan of what to wear, this option is a very good one for your favorite cashmere sweaters. It’s best to rotate your sweaters, so they will have some rest, and all of them will still look fresh and new. If you are looking for some inspirational looks for your upcoming week, you can always check our latest collection here.
There you go. A couple of single rules to follow and you will have a long-lasting sweater to wear for a lifetime.
By taking care of your clothing, you are making a smart decision, to prioritize minimalism. You are choosing to rebuild your wardrobe, instead of renewing it. And more importantly you are choosing a cleaner and better environment. 2ccc6bfcdbca73befb404023af6d598a


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